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Thermal Insulation of Automotive

Heat and sound Insulation

To control the heat
Nitigura Group is a multinational corporation and the pioneer in the field of manufacturing and distributing leading heat and sound insulation products in Asia

We are constantly improving more value of our products, contributing to protecting the natural environment and to society's development.

Endless efforts to achieve our mission!

We are confident  that the values that Nitigura has contributed over the past decades will continue to improve and promote stronger in  the world.Nitigura Vietnam Co., Ltd. was established to safeguard the quality of “The living environment” for the whole community.
We guarantee to provide customers with heat & sound insulation product line that  meet customer’s ” Unlimited” requirements. We hope to able to build a long term customer relationship with WIN-WIN cooperation in the future

Nitigura Vietnam

About Nitigura Vietnam

Nitigura Vietnam as a subsidiary of Nihon Glass Fiber Co., Ltd has been producting many varieties of heat and sound insulation products for exhaust systems of cars & motorcycles

Vision & Mission

The development of Nitigura Vietnam is associated with our mission of protecting and improving the global environment

Quality management system

We are constantly developing new products, maintaining and improving the quality of existing products to fully meet international standards

Nitigura's product line

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