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Our products

Nitigura Vietnam committed to supply products with the best quality at the most reasonable price for customers
" Protection of environment and business development is simultaneously"

Application Processed Products

Standard plus 

Special product portfolio for various application

Not only standard products but also our processed products for various applications such as press cutting, the binder coated sewing fulfill customers’ needs. Furthermore, increased customer needs to channel our energy into new product development and pursuing high quality. Nitigura’s product portfolio has been so and will continue to provide the best quality.

Needle mat molding

It is made by molding with organic/inorganic binder using glass wool mat and silica mat as a base material. We produce molding products with thermal insulation in various shapes like exhaust systems of automotive and motorcycle, boiler, heater, etc.

Needle Mat Preform

Bio-soluble Ceramic paper

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Ceramic fiber paper 

SUS Mesh and Ring

SUS mesh and ring is a gasket, packing molded-in ring type, or a belt type using stainless steel wire. These are used for seal material or damping material for the high-temperature environments around mufflers of automotive and motorcycles. Besides, this can be used as a filter for high temperature

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Stainless steel products

Roving inorganic preform & Roving products

It is molded differently in shape with an inorganic binder using continuous glass fiber as a base material. The application is thermal insulation and acoustic absorption for the exhaust of Automotive etc. It is superior in terms of the workability of exhaust components and surface contact. (Molding is also possible with organic resins)

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Roving preformed products

N Sheet Roving Tấm

N- Sheet  ( Roving sheet)

N Pack Dệt Kim Bông Thủy Tinh

N Pack – Glass fiber knitted fabric with roving 

N Pack Dệt Bông Thủy Tinh

N Pack – Glass fiber woven fabric with roving 

Sewing products

Sewing products is one of our save energy products which is using in large-sized institutions like food plants and hospitals. The jacket can be saved energy and make a contribution to keeping the earth’s environment.
Sewing processing is available for various specifications.

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Equipment covers

Sealing packing

Base materials have many choices such as glass cloth, ceramic cloth, silica cloth and needle mat. Nitigura sealing products are made by those basic materials and many kinds of resins such as natural rubbers or graphites for different applications.

Gasket Sample

N-VIP Vacuum Insulation Panel

This is thermal insulation material with improved performance by a vacuum state, using glass fiber as a core material, coating its periphery with a laminate film.

Vacuum Insulation Panel

Carbon fiber processed products

Various carbon fiber felt and board by carbon recycle method. OEM is also an available option

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Electromagnetic Shielding

Metal forming perforated tubes

The main application is a part of muffler assemble parts. This is made by metal coil with perforating. The main material is SUS and Fe.

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Punching pipe

Additional processing

Addition processing is available. Die ad hand cutting/ performing/ lamination/ coating products,..

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On-demand manufacturing