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We believe that the success of any business depends on the development and growth of each individual
in the workplace.

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Nitugura Vietnam Co., Ltd as a subsidairy of Nihon Glass Fiber Industrial Co., Ltd officially established on June 30, 2017 located in Road 206, Section E, Pho Noi A Industrial Park, Dinh Du Commune, Van Lam District, Hung Yen Province. With the starting point as a factory specializing in manufacturing heat and sound insulation products for exhaust systems of cars and motorcycles. Beside, we also the Nitigura brand’s product line distributor. In order to meet the increasing needs of customers as well as the future plan to expand manufacturing business, we welcome new candidates who want to join our working environment.

    • We create a friendly environment where our citizens are encouraged to share and bond.
    • We create conditions for the company’s employees to be accessed new knowledge and scientific and technological advances
    • We are committed to personal and professional growth in an environment where work and life is balanced

job opportunities in Nitigura Vietnam

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1. Staff Recruitment
(a) Interested candidates please contact us: 0221.3788.766 or  Or refer to the attached file  Word
(b) Application form NIV (Download hereExcel

2. Labor Recruitment
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