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Superior material for thermal insulation and acoustic absorption

Nitigura needle mat is a felt type product and is made from continuous fiber with uniformed length,through the process of opening as a wool form, followed by needling.  Mechanical bonding method,needling, without any binder makes very small smoke when heated and excellence in vibration resistance and dispersion resistance. Various types of mat are available for your different conditions and choices.

Temperature zone


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    1. No binder, thanks to mechanical bonding method (needle punching)
    2. Excellent heat resistance, flexibility, and fit performance
    3. Possible for press molding with binder
    4. Excellent acoustic absorption characteristic at high-temperature
    5.  Possible for die-cutting and molding easily
    6. Excellent resistance in thermal shock, rapid heating, and quenching


    1. Boiler, engine insulation
    2. Silencer insulation
    3. Sealing packing and gaskets material


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