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Biosoluble Ceramic

A new standard of Heat-resistant textile product

Product compliant to the revised “ Industrial Safety and Health Law” (Ceramic fiber (RFC)
Bio soluble ceramic is composed of alkaline earth silicate wool as the main material which is bio-soluble, and is a textile product with a small amount of organic fiber. Glass fiber, stainless wire, iron-chromium wire, as a reinforcing core material, are available for different temperature range.

Temperature zone


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        1. Bio-soluble
        2. Excellent fire-retardant, thermal insulation in high temperature
        3. Smokeless treatment is available
        4. Lightweight, good flexibility, and workability


      1. Thermal gaskets for industrial furnaces
      2. Lagging shells for high temperature
      3. Heat-resistant curtains, curing sheet
        (Substitute to Refractory ceramic fibers)1234

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