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Metallic Fiber Product

STAINLESS STEEL WOOL AND PRODUCTS Stainless steel wool is made by shaving process with uniform quality which withstands temperatures up to 1000 degrees C. The

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Taien Cloth – Spark Protection

A pioneer in flameproof materials TAIEN (Spark Protection) Cloth is a flameproof fiber and made from carbonized special acrylic fiber, having excellent fire-retardant, heat-resistant, and

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N – Silica

The best material for a high-temperature environment N- Silica is composed of high purity silica fiber (SiO2 content 95% or higher), being composed of continuous

Sản Phẩm Sợi Thủy Tinh
Glass fiber products

Superior material for general purpose Glass fiber in Glass fiber products is an inorganic fiber and stable physically, thermally, chemically, electrically. This material is composed

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Application Processed Products

Standard plus  Special product portfolio for various application Not only standard products but also our processed products for various applications such as press cutting, the

Nitigura Jacket Energy Saving Jacket Img 03
Energy Saving/Nitigura Jacket

Detachable cover for thermal insulation and heat retention, to prevent energy loss. Featured product of the Hi-coat products:  http://:https://en.nitiguravn.com/2019/06/22/vai-cach-nhiet-hi-coat/. This cover enables a major reduction

Hi Coat Cloth Img 01
Hi -Coat Cloth

Coating brings new idea of thermal insulation High-Coat Cloth is made from glass fiber, as a general purpose material, with coating of silicone, PTFE, or

Anh đại Diện
Alumina 7

 Extremely high-temperature heat-resistant fiber material Alumina7 is composed of continuous fiber, 72% Al₂O₂ and 29% SiO₂, and outstanding material with its heat resistance, high tensile

Cerabric Img 01
Biosoluble Ceramic

A new standard of Heat-resistant textile product Product compliant to the revised “ Industrial Safety and Health Law” (Ceramic fiber (RFC) Bio soluble ceramic is

Needle Mat Img 01

Superior material for thermal insulation and acoustic absorption Nitigura needle mat is a felt type product and is made from continuous fiber with uniformed length,through