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Glass fiber products

Superior material for general purpose

Glass fiber in Glass fiber products is an inorganic fiber and stable physically, thermally, chemically, electrically. This material is composed of the most basic elements and has high versatility. In addition, its cost-effectiveness enabled usage for a wide range of applications regardless of industry segment.

Among types of glass fibers, E-Glass is the most commonly used. Compared with other glass fibers such as NHC and NRC have a higher cost, their use is limited.

High-performance special material
In comparison with the E-glass fibers, NRC and NHC glass fibers are superior in heat resistance and acid resistance, and heat resistance and tensile strength, respectively. These glass fibers can be used in cases where it is not applicable for E-glass.

Temperature zone 

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    1. Excellent thermal insulation by bulky processing
    2. Heat treatment, with aluminum foil, various coat-processing
    3. High heat resistance and acid resistance (NRC)
      High tensile strength and heat resistance (NHC)


    1. Lagging shell
    2. Thermal insulation curtains
    3. Gaskets for high temperature
    4. Expansion Bellows



Glass fiber with extra heat resistance


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