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Nitigura Vietnam

Specializes in manufacturing and distributing heat and sound insulation products with “Standard Plus
Our success is based on customer satisfaction rating”

Vision and Misson
Vision: ảnh BìaWith customers’ trust and past experience, we are aiming “To be the leading enterprise in the field of manufacturing and distributing Nitigura brand’s heat and sound insulation product line in the Vietnamese market”
Mission: Constantly improving and developing to supply heat and sound insulation products with the best quality at the best price for Global OEM companies.

Business philosophy: Inheriting the tradition of the Nitigura group, focusing on “Human resource development”. We believe that “The success of business development depends on employees,” growth and development of business cannot be realized without the development of people. All of our efforts are ​for two goals: Adding value to our customers, community, and employees; dedicating our talent and passion to sustainable development as well as provision of quality and environment-friendly products.

As a supplier:

      • Always put quality first;
      • Guarantee delivery;
      • Reduce cost and price.

As a local entrepreneur:

      • Follow Vietnamese legal regulation;
      • Contribute to the development of local and nation;
      • Cooperate openly and fairly.

As a learning and growing enterprise:

      • Improve a safe and friendly environment where each individual is encouraged to share and bond;
      • Create stable and high income for employees;
      • Committed to developing human resources, enriching professional experience;
      • Cultivate company’s culture to promote individual creativity and common values.

As a credible partner

      • Build strong relationship with other partners;
      • Building mutually beneficial partnerships “Win – Win”.