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Metallic Fiber Product


Stainless steel wool is made by shaving process with uniform quality which withstands temperatures up to 1000 degrees C. The stainless steel wool could be made into various products, such as stainless steel wool needled mat/felt, stainless steel wool twisted rope and stainless steel wool preformed pipe and parts, etc.
The stainless steel wool is mainly used for high-temperature resistance and reducing noise in exhaust and muffler manufacturers for automotive and motorcycle industries.




Stainless yarn is made from stainless wire as a base material. It is flexible despite a metal fiber and used as a sewing thread for thermal insulation needlework products. The materials are two types which are SUS304 and 316L.

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Stainless felt is a felt type product using chopped stainless fibers with its opening like wool, followed by needling. The main applications are thermal insulation, heat-resistant cushion, gaskets, abrasives for glass.

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SUS Wool

SUS wool is made from stainless steel wire by shaving method.
This can be used for acoustic absorption and thermal insulation filter. (acid resistance and anti-vibration)

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